Samantha H.
My favorite place in the world to eat. I have even come here on my birthday. My family has been coming here for the past 19 years and it never disappoints. Our favorites are the: Kung Pao chicken, General Tso chicken, Lemon chicken, and Orange beef. The eggrolls are a MUST and all 3 soups are excellent.

Christopher M.
Regular spot for a quick and delicious lunch. Egg rolls are fantastic and the General Tso is pretty darn good.

Very fast service and food is always hot.

Lauren Slade
Best Chinese food in the Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville area.

Tommy Naron
LOVE the lunch menu, been here 100 times or more for lunch over the past 5-6 yrs.

R. P.
I have been coming here for the last 9 years, and I have just moved away. We'd been going there at least once a week, usually 2 or more times. I loved that they usually knew my name and what I liked, just from the sound of my voice. Their crispy Sichuan duck is excellent. I ate it so often that I'm surprised ducks aren't on the endangered species list. If you are in the Round Rock area, I would feel very confident in recommending you stop and eat there.

Augustino Munika
Well prepared and sumptuous Chinese meal

Leah Malone
The food was very good and the portion for the price paid was beyond what we expected!! Will definitely return when I am back in the area!!

Jason Roos
The food was amazing. Came within minutes of ordering. Better than bamboo garden. Truly a place I can't wait to come back to.

Seriously, ridiculously great place.

Aly Doles
Snow biscuits are excellent. Service was nice. They serve you in a fair amount of time.

Christopher Currie
Pretty much the best Chinese food I have ever had. The service is ALWAYS top notch. The portions are huge especially for the price. we never go home hungry and have left overs. I personally have been coming here for years but i have taken friends and my finance here and they have always loved it. I drive about 40mins just to get here its that good. I have had several other Chinese food places and they just don't match to this. I recommend it!

Jesse Hernandez
My faMily has been going to China wall for as long as I can remember. The entrees are good, The soup is excellent and i have never had a bad entree off the menu! We get greeted everytime we go! This is a good family owned restaurant. I am sure with as many people that go through, there is bound to be a couple you just cant please! I will always go back for there soup, sesame chicken and hand made egg rolls.

Aaron Hawkins
​Easily my favorite Chinese resturant. Awesome General Tso, & I always have enough to take home. Atmosphere is nice enough to take a date to, or the entire family. Or if your date is your wife, then that'll work too

Stephanie-Ben G.

Been a China Wall customer since I was a toddler! I'm a local Austinite, Born and Raised and I've been coming to China wall for my Chinese food for 20 years. It obviously says something if I have kept coming back! I'm picky about Chinese food too! I love good AUTHENTIC fried rice and I love me some good hot and sour soup!! And China wall never disappoints in either category. But I'm also never shy to trying new dishes and again, every time it's pretty good! But like any normal human, we all have our preferences and regular items :) 
If your in the area and lookin to try something good, check out this place! And the best part... It's fast and consistent :)


Travis Wood 

I'm a big Orange Chicken fan so I know what is good. This place was real good and the service was excellent. They let me do the dinner special deal which included 2 crab rangoons, a soup, and fried rice even though orange chicken was not part of that deal. They also worked with my wife to make her a dinner not even on the menu! Pretty awesome! We will return.

Justin L.

I am a huge fan of this place.  I'm almost 24 and this place was a staple of my childhood and now my adult life.  I work nearby and eat lunch/dinner here once per week and I have probably tried every chicken dish on the menu.  I'm not big on seafood so I don't touch anything shrimp related but the beef dishes are great too.  I especially love the chicken in garlic sauce as well as the classic General Tso's.  

Long live China Wall.

Tommy naron
LOVE the lunch menu, been here 100 times or more for lunch over the past 5-6 yrs.

Phillip Vera
Really long time customer. Try the spicy sesame chicken or honey crispy chicken for their best offerings. Lunch prices are fair.

Nathan G.
I really like this Chinese food. It always tastes fresh to me. I usually get curry chicken or chicken broccoli or chicken fried rice or beef broccoli or tso chicken..... I truly enjoy the egg rolls because they make them traditional style which you don't find much these days. 
Atmosphere-wise, pretty casual.  It's the only Chinese restaurant I eat at in the area.


Melissa D. J.

         Voice Actress, Asiaphile, Karaoke Prince

     Austin, TX


   When it comes to American-Chinese, China Wall is my go-to place. I'll admit, I've been spoiled by authentic Chinese cooking from one of my native buddies, and having lived in Tokyo, Japan, there's a lot of authentic dining there. But there's something special about that certain American-Chinese cuisine, it's practically a comfort food. China Wall has itched a scratch I've been feeling for a long time. The food is consistent, well-priced, fresh and tasty.


             Starting off, you have the crab Rangoon. The wontons are light and airy, crispy and piping hot. 
       There's minimal grease and the stuffing inside is rich and flavorful. It's an excellent start-off to what is 
       a tasty trip down nostalgia lane.

There are definitely menu favorites for me. They are, in order: 

- Blackened Steak Cubes - succulent cubes of tender beef morsels with a flavorful black pepper sauce, stir-fried with thinly-sliced white

  onions. Yum!

- Hot and Sour soup - just the right amount of sour (vinegar) and hot (chili) with a savory blend of 
  broth and meat, tofu, and fungi. Perfect for a cool rainy day.
- Sesame chicken - boneless pieces chicken breast with just a teensy-weensy bit of breading, 
  with a tangy and not-too-sweet sauce sprinkled with white sesame seeds. 
- Garlic shrimp - a medley of fresh shrimp and veggies with a dark brown spicy garlic sauce.
- Triple delight - nice and light, savory sauce with a fresh array of various meats and veggies.
You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. To make things even better, they have a fantabulous dinner set menu - you get a choice of soup, a choice of appetizer (Crab Rangoon, Chicken Wings, or Egg roll), a choice of rice (Fried or Steam rice), and one of the many fabulous entrees.

     It's telling that the staff recognize us whenever we go - this place is an answer to many a prayer, a glimmering jewel hidden in an unassuming strip center. Come to think of it, we're over-due for a visit. If you'll excuse me, I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. Bottom line: fresh, delicious, cheap, friendly. Who could ask for more?


                                                                                                     Samantha O.

This is the first Chinese restaurant i came to 7 years ago when i moved to Texas, and even now dozens of restaurants later I still prefer China Wall. The service is always friendly, i never have an empty cup, but it never seems like they are all up in my space. I think the food is delicious. My mom thinks they go overboard with the sauces, but i have never gotten a sesame chicken i didn't like from this place. They also have the best won ton soup i can find. Basically what I'm trying to say is this is a tasty place that shouldn't be passed up.



Aliesha B.

  I am loving this life.

  Hutto, TX

I love China Wall.

                              I've been going to this restaurant for the past 15 years.  Since I was a high schooler working at TCBY.  
                 Which was located right down the strip mall, where the doctor’s office is.Their food has been wonderful since the  

                  first time I went.  I always get the same thing now. Although when I was younger I tried EVERYTHING!  Now I get,

                 sweet and sour shrimp, fried rice, fried wontons hot and sour soup. 


  Jojo S.  

     Round Rock, TX


I Love China Wall. I have only eaten "americanized" chinese food, so let that be your guide.
I have been going to China Wall for over 10 years, and the quality has always remained the same.The best hot and sour soup ever made! General Tso is my favorite main dish, but I have never had a bad meal here.  Family meals with rice, egg rolls and soup are wonderfully priced and always fresh! Everything always tastes as though it was prepared fresh just for me.

        I also love their crab rangoons.



       Gary K. 

                                                                                Would I go back? You know it!


       Kelly S.

                                         China Wall is nothing if not consistent. Same menu, same lunch, specials, same quick service 
                                          since I started working in RR.  


I am fairly new to eating at Chinese restaurants in Round Rock.  I have tried about four of them now here in Round Rock. So far this is my favorite.  They are located in the L shaped strip center along side the Luby's Cafeteria on IH-35 just off Hester Blvd.  

I have been there for lunch about four times.  
I have ordered the pan fried dumplings (pork) and the lunch specials. Lunch specials are around $6. 
 I like their chicken and snow peas, chicken and broccoli, beef and snow peas and they are always good. The dish special comes with fried rice or steamed rice, egg roll and a small soup. Soup choices are hot and sour, egg drop or wonton soup all three are

   good. The dishes are as some call Americanized and that is why I like them.  The pork dumplings are good as well. The dinner time menu has specials as well. Offering tea, one appetizer, bowl of soup and a main dish for less than $10.

The inside of the place is nice with tables and booths, they have a larger area behind the main room so they can handle large groups.  The wait staff varies's day to day but so far I have only had a good experience with them.  One even remembers what I like to eat when I come in.  I also like the ice tea.


Last night I went out with a group of eighteen people, most of whom were from out of town, 
to celebrate my birthday at the China Wall Restaurant. The service was great, the food was excellent and quickly

served for our large party. At the end they brought out a delicious 
Chinese pastry, two plates full with candles for the occasion. Thank you for a fantastic evening.

    Round Rock, TX  

  So I love Chinese food, and i love Chinese food that's quick, fast, but still delicious especially for lunch. I have been here twice and every-time I come there is somewhere to be seated and the staff is always friendly. This could be due to the fact that my boyfriend knows most of the people workers there but hey I'm not complaining. You get really good portions and that's a real good thing due to the fact that a lot of Chinese restaurants can be very stingy especially during lunch. 

Another thing that I love about this restaurant it can be busy as hell but you still get good service from your waiter regardless. This has to be one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Round Rock area so you should stop by and check it out.



Tina L.
Hutto, TX 

I like this place for a quick lunch. They serve you quick and the wait staff are very friendly. The lunch menu is a good bargain. I love their ice tea also. It is not all watered down like every frigging restaurant lately. They charge you 3 bucks and give you colored water...Ok enough about that.. justknow that China Wall  don't do that with their tea. Good place, quick and friendly.



                                                                                                               Zena V.

Chicago, IL


To start off, I will admit that I worked at China Wall as a hostess for a few years when I was in high school. Yet, that was about 6 years ago, so do with it what you will.
I love China Wall. I live in Chicago now, but everytime we come back to Austin to visit family we make China Wall one of the first stops on our trip.
I always get the exact same thing- dinner special- sesame chicken- fried rice- egg roll- hot and sour soup. It is always amazing. China Wall has really ruined chinese food for me...because all other chinese food pales in comparison. 

Service is friendly and fast. Atmosphere is quiet and cozy.


Mary C.

I live off of 183 so China Wall isn't really in my neighborhood but I totally make the 15 min drive (and pay on the toll road) to eat at China Wall.

Their lunch specials are a great deal- $5-$7 for a drink, egg roll, soup, and dish. 
I love their seasame chicken and mu shu pork. My boyfriend always gets general tso's chicken. We love it! 


Robert E. 
Pflugerville, TX

What sets China Wall apart from any other similar restaurant is the superior service and special attention they give you.  Of course the Chinese food is very good and of course they have lunch specials that are friendly to your wallet, but what they do better than other places provides awesome personal service. Just lately, they have added a nice selection of bubble tea type drinks.  I usually go for the cappuccino or the mocha with tapioca and my friend usually goes for the mango with pieces of fruit.  Order one of these groovy drinks and the manager will blend it up for you and deliver it to your table with a dose of some friendly conversation.
You will always have a smile on your face as you leave, knowing that the employees have worked very hard to satisfy you.


Mr. 9 Ball  

Fan-Double-Tastic!! The Food, atmosphere, and people are the greatest. I come in for a Sapporo and Blacken Steak Cube every Wednesday. If you have not tried it - You’ve got to. The owners are very nice and I now consider them very good friends. Be sure to try all the menu items for you will not be disappointed. The waitresses are great. They are there when you need something and are very nice.

This is my first time here in the area on a Business trip. I didn't know around here well enough to find a decent Chinese Restaurant. The people that I met at my Business visit told me about China Wall Restaurant has excellent food and service. I took their advice and they were right. The food was fantastic and the service was excellent. The meat and the vegetables are fresh and very tasty. And thatnot all, the environment are cleaned and Comfortable. I wish I had this very same restaurant in my hometown. I will definitely return to China Wall Restaurant when I'm in town on my next visit. They deserved an A++ for the record.

Samantha O.

This is the first Chinese restaurant i came to 7 years ago when i moved to Texas, and even now dozens of restaurants later I still prefer China Wall. The service is always friendly, i never have an empty cup, but it never seems like they are all up in my space. I think the food is delicious. My mom thinks they go overboard with the sauces, but i have never gotten a sesame chicken i didn't like from this place. They also have the best won ton soup i can find. Basically what I'm trying to say is this is a tasty place that shouldn't be passed up.

   By: John D. 

Chinese restaurants in strip centers are a dime a dozen.  I realize this.The menus often feature the same items, the

     prices are similar, and the food almost always tastes the same.

    That said, China Wall is a GREAT Chinese restaurant.  The staff is attentive and professional without hovering too much.  

  We can go months without stepping foot in the place and the waitress still has an uncanny knack for knowing what we  

  want to drink and what appetizer to put in for us.  The entrees are the same fare as most other places, but they're always tasty, always come out quickly and are always hot. Can you say the same for your neighborhood Chinese restaurant?


Most importantly, from kitchen to the cashier and all points in between, the people at China Wall work hard to make sure you feel your money and time are well spent in their establishment. No matter how crowded it gets, they always know how to make you feel like you and your party are their most valued guests. Highly recommended!!!